Unfortunate diet

Got the book. After I cleverly ate a packet of caramel shortbreads. Okay, it might not be the diet that’s causing the problem, but after the shortbreads (it was my day off) I went to bed at 5.30pm and slept till six the next morning.

According to the book (which I just got) I shouldn’t be eating potato, sweet potato or dairy. They’re practicaly my favourite food. I want to try this out for a week. DSIL reckons I might get a placebo effect. If that’s all I can get I’ll take it.

Because of a tiredness attack the painting is standing waiting, half done. I get so tired of this happening. It’s only three weeks to the op and I really don’t have time for this.

Hmmm – I’m trying this diet, starting today.

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Eat 4 your type? Coincidence?

DD called and told me about this book. I read the reviews. Since we both constantly battle fatigue to try to live normal lives I sent off for it instantly and grubbed about on the net for all the info I could get on it in the meanwhile. Haven’t got the book yet, but have been watching the effects of what I eat compared to the recommendations on the site. It’s almost uncannily accurate.

Now it could be a coincidence, of course it could, and I’ve only seen the rough guides on the website, but it says that for me eating red meat is not good. It so happened that over the weekend I’d eaten red meat three times. For the next three days I had to really force myself into any form of action because of a smothering lethargy!

I’ve avoided red meat since Monday and I feel better today. I’ll write more on this diet when I get the book and know what I’m doing.

Luckily work’s been really busy this week, it takes my mind off the pain. There’s been a lot. Perhaps it was a mistake to start decorating – I got stuck on the floor the other night and it took me ages to figure out how to lever myself up! Grrr.

Coincidence or not I’m feeling very hopeful. With a new hip and (if the book is right ) actual energy stores I’ll be unstoppable! Whoah – watch out world!

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Painting for post op

I finished the hall, now doing the bathroom. Paint everywhere. Why does the whole world get the urge to call me when I’m standing on a stool in the bath trying to paint the ceiling?

I heard about this book which claims that diet should be based on blood type. This sounds logical, I’ve ordered it from Amazon.

I decided on the colour scheme for my closet sized bathroom and went to get the paint colours mixed (by Dulux of course). Unfortunately they don’t mix the non-drip or quick drying gloss in custom colours.

Consequently the door paint is water based quick drying, the frame and skirting paint is regular gloss. I got the two mixed up and got ruddy regular gloss all over the place and tried to clean it, and the brush, up with water. Mmmmmph. Not a happy bunny.

The hip hates it when I step in and out of the bath (or up and down stepstools). The hip is not at all amused by decorating.

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Little dreams

Been home for two days off and feeling just great. The problem doesn’t enter my mind when not at work or out. Muscles and tendons must be kept exercised so I can recover from the op quickly, meaning that work is a physical as well as a financial necessity right now.

This doesn’t stop me stubbornly wishing I was wildly prosperous and could afford not to work. In fact, I’d like to be able to afford several mansions, a couple of Lear jets, a helicopter or four, a huge yacht or two and a large international craft supermarket chain. Working as an assistant in a supermarket doesn’t seem to finance this.

Ah well. A girl must have dreams.

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Limping through life

Strange how you get used to things. I was beginning to think, well hey,  I don’t actually have a bad problem with my hip. I’m decorating now – six weeks to the big op and the place looked so dingy (seriously dingy. Gothic without the good bits. Antique webs and thick fingerprint patterns round doorhandles and light switches, ugh) I was forced to actually do something about it.

I got stuck on the floor because I hadn’t made sure to have something to lever myself up with. Point is, although I’m hobbling round quite alarmingly I hardly notice it any more. I’m used to it. Unless I have to walk any real distance – and because of the pain I’ve arranged things so I don’t walk any distance much.

Getting stuck like that gave me a reality check. The problem is very much interfering with my life.

Five years ago I bought some paint to decorate with – never got round to it and the paint just stood there so I used that. Six doors needed one more coat – and I ran out of paint. Despair.

At Homebase there was no sign of the colour. I asked if they maybe had some old stock in the back (okay – I know – dumb, but like I said, desperate). They said was it dulux? I said Yes. it was. They said do you have the name of the colour. I said yes I do. they said – we can probably punch it up on the computer and mix it for you. And DID!

I will never use anything but Dulux again. Love Dulux – kissy x kissy x kissy.

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Don’t bend more than 90 degrees

That’s what the booklet said.  I’m moving stuff around so I’ll be able to give the new hip a good chance of settling in. In the first six weeks it’s pretty easy to dislodge it, so  – everything has to be a bit higher for a while.

It has been said that I won’t be able to clean out the bottom cupboards for a few weeks. I wasn’t aware I was meant to clean out the bottom cupboards at all. It’s not an activity I’ll pine for.

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Getting back on track

Not really. This whole thing has interfered terrifyingly with nearly every area of my life. BUT I think the bug has gone and I can get back to work and trying to prepare for this op. Need to diet a bit too, I notice that I’m starting to gain weight. That’s not something I can let happen right now.

The printer’s on the blink. Where’d I put that fudge?

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Could it be more annoying?

A fierce stomach bug! Just when I least needed time off work! This is cutting into my sick allowance. On the bright side I’m pretty sure my system is completely free of all painkillers, working and otherwise. Also on the bright side i feel so awful the hip pain has become almost insignificant.

On the black side it’s hard to hobble to the bathroom fast. On the bright side I have a pretty extensive stock of reading material in the pocket of the laundry basket.

Ever mindful of the need to be serious and hardworking I switched all the lightweight stuff and fiction for serious educational reading. This means I now spend far more time engrossed in pleasant daydreams.

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Painkillers do work …

The best laid plans … I’m still taking the painkillers. Fact is, it hurts too much and I don’t want to chance it. Already I’m walking like some shady thing out of a hammer horror film, forget it, I’ll just keep on taking the pills till the op.

Been reading the booklet they gave me. Very informative. It’s a total replacement I’ll be having, not a partial, so as well as the ball joint there’s a long spiky thing at the bottom that’ll presumably be sunk into the thigh bone at the top.

I discussed this with my best friend who tells me the late Lord Burleigh, (who won all the medals for hurdling) had two hip replacements (one wore out?) and he had one like it mounted on his Rolls Royce as the hood ornament. Heh heh! Sounds like a pretty cool guy to me.

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Painkillers don’t work!

I’ve been taking codeine (lots) and paracetamol. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of painkilling going on though. I’ve heard from a medical professional today that this is pretty common, even morphine rarely touches it. Well, other pain killers have given me bad reactions. Hair loss for example – and isn’t that  just what I want, to be limping and bald ).

I’m giving up on the painkillers for now and will see how I get on.

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