Eat 4 your type? Coincidence?

DD called and told me about this book. I read the reviews. Since we both constantly battle fatigue to try to live normal lives I sent off for it instantly and grubbed about on the net for all the info I could get on it in the meanwhile. Haven’t got the book yet, but have been watching the effects of what I eat compared to the recommendations on the site. It’s almost uncannily accurate.

Now it could be a coincidence, of course it could, and I’ve only seen the rough guides on the website, but it says that for me eating red meat is not good. It so happened that over the weekend I’d eaten red meat three times. For the next three days I had to really force myself into any form of action because of a smothering lethargy!

I’ve avoided red meat since Monday and I feel better today. I’ll write more on this diet when I get the book and know what I’m doing.

Luckily work’s been really busy this week, it takes my mind off the pain. There’s been a lot. Perhaps it was a mistake to start decorating – I got stuck on the floor the other night and it took me ages to figure out how to lever myself up! Grrr.

Coincidence or not I’m feeling very hopeful. With a new hip and (if the book is right ) actual energy stores I’ll be unstoppable! Whoah – watch out world!

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