Limping through life

Strange how you get used to things. I was beginning to think, well hey,  I don’t actually have a bad problem with my hip. I’m decorating now – six weeks to the big op and the place looked so dingy (seriously dingy. Gothic without the good bits. Antique webs and thick fingerprint patterns round doorhandles and light switches, ugh) I was forced to actually do something about it.

I got stuck on the floor because I hadn’t made sure to have something to lever myself up with. Point is, although I’m hobbling round quite alarmingly I hardly notice it any more. I’m used to it. Unless I have to walk any real distance – and because of the pain I’ve arranged things so I don’t walk any distance much.

Getting stuck like that gave me a reality check. The problem is very much interfering with my life.

Five years ago I bought some paint to decorate with – never got round to it and the paint just stood there so I used that. Six doors needed one more coat – and I ran out of paint. Despair.

At Homebase there was no sign of the colour. I asked if they maybe had some old stock in the back (okay – I know – dumb, but like I said, desperate). They said was it dulux? I said Yes. it was. They said do you have the name of the colour. I said yes I do. they said – we can probably punch it up on the computer and mix it for you. And DID!

I will never use anything but Dulux again. Love Dulux – kissy x kissy x kissy.

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